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Google analytics audits

Faulty tracking can lead to expensive mistakes. Make sure your setup is working how you think it is.

Google analytics setup

Ensure your tracking is top notch from the start whether it’s on a new site or converting to GA4.

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Making Google Analytics work for you

Informed by Analytics

Fuelled by data's insights, we navigate with clarity, not guesswork. Informed by analytics, our decisions resonate with purpose, not happenstance.

Every step is measured, every choice is calculated, weaving a path towards success, not stumbling into the unknown. It's not just about numbers; it's about harnessing the power of knowledge to shape a future, not simply react to it.

Building a unified view

From SEO to paid search to paid social and email, all channels tie into Google Analytics. So it’s critical that we understand all the different channels, and how they deliver value to your business. As it’s so easy to get caught up in deep dives into single channels, there’s a danger you could lose sight of the bigger picture.

Through our unified approach we are able to pull in experts from every specialism to ensure that the setup and reporting you will do from your analytics is representative of the real effect that each channel is generating.

Our approach to Analytics

Deep dives, not data dips: Unveiling insights beyond the surface

From raw data to strategic roadmap: Navigating the path to success

We’re more than a digital agency.

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Unleash the potential of cutting-edge digital advertising with a premier European Paid Media agency. Expand global reach, exceed targets, and set industry standards.

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Your brand demands to be heard. From strategy to design, we’ll help you win hearts and minds when you’re not in the room.


We combine technical expertise, content and user experience to create and deliver SEO strategies that deliver results and grow profits.

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We combine deep expertise in SEO, Strategy and UX to build high-speed, accessible sites that create a lasting impression and get results.

Frequently asked questions

  • UA: The current standard, focusing on session-based data and website visits. Strong in analyzing page views and user flow within single sessions.
  • GA4: The future of Analytics, built for a cross-platform world. Uses an event-based model, tracking user interactions across websites and apps, even offline behavior. More flexible and future-proof, accommodating evolving privacy regulations.
  • UA is getting sunsetted in July 2023. While it will still work for a while, GA4 offers a more comprehensive and future-proof platform.
  • GA4 provides deeper insights: Track user journeys across platforms, measure engagement, and understand user behavior beyond website visits.
  • Better for privacy regulations: GA4 is built with privacy in mind, helping you comply with evolving regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

Yes! Setting up GA4 alongside your existing UA gives you:

  • Data continuity: Track trends and compare historical data with UA while building your GA4 foundation.
  • Smoother transition: Acclimate to GA4 features and ensure future data collection without losing historical insights.