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Advanced tracking tools

We go beyond tracking mere website page views. Our advanced tracking service encompasses phone calls and direct conversations through live chat windows, ensuring a comprehensive approach to conversion methods.

For user interactions, we employ heatmaps and session recordings to conduct a thorough User Experience (UX) audit. To enhance a website's efficacy, we conduct A/B split tests on various elements, tracking the results to determine whether A outperforms B, or vice versa.

Google Analytics audits

Identify where your prospective customers enter and exit your website. Determine which pages contribute to revenue and which ones deter users. Conducting a comprehensive audit of Google Analytics provides crucial insights into user interactions with your content.

These audits frequently uncover technical tracking issues, UX concerns related to website speed, and other unforeseen issues, offering a substantial return on investment.

Custom reporting

Reporting achieves optimal effectiveness when results are visually presented. By breaking down your key metrics into segments, we can spotlight the data with clarity tailored to any level of your business. If necessary, dynamic reports can be established for a fully automated solution that remains applicable for years to come.

How we'll audit your analytics setup

Unveiling the truth: A deep dive into your Analytics engine

Beyond the surface: Assessing data quality and completeness

Optimisation roadmap: A tailored journey to insights

Frequently ask questions

We take a comprehensive approach, assessing your current setup, tracking implementation, data quality, reporting practices, and alignment with your business goals. We’ll analyse your GA4 and Universal Analytics configurations, identify inconsistencies, gaps, and opportunities for improvement. We’ll also provide actionable recommendations to optimize your data collection, reporting, and insights generation.

A thorough audit ensures you’re gathering reliable data, extracting valuable insights, and using them to inform effective marketing decisions. With GA4 now gaining prominence, we can help ensure your setup is future-proofed and ready to leverage its advanced features. Unreliable data can lead to misinformed decisions, wasted resources, and missed opportunities. Our audit prevents that and empowers you to unlock the full potential of your analytics.

The timeframe depends on the complexity of your website and existing analytics setup. Typically, it takes 2-4 weeks to complete a comprehensive audit, including analysis, report generation, and recommendations. We’ll keep you informed throughout the process and make sure you understand the findings and proposed solutions.

To expedite the process and provide the most valuable insights, gather any relevant documentation like your website traffic reports, marketing goals, and existing Google Analytics configurations (including GA4) if available. Prepare a list of any specific concerns or questions you have about your analytics performance. Having this information readily available will ensure a smooth and efficient audit experience.