How we work

Your strategic partner for growth, powered by a new way of working

We’ve transformed the agency-client collaboration. Choosing Nineteen 77 Media means gaining access to a vastly experienced team, bolstered by a global network of on-demand digital experts.

How we work

A flexible business model fit for your business needs

Innovation within a framework

While embracing the core tenets of Agile methodology, we understand that no two engagements are the same.

Our framework remains flexible, adjusting to your specific stage and needs.

Consulting, done for you

Let’s co-create your vision and map the path to success. We’ll take the reins, ensuring on-time, on-budget delivery, while keeping you informed with regular milestones and touchpoints.

This empowers you to:

Integrated, done with you

Unlock agility and transparency. Our team becomes an extension of yours, working side-by-side to bring your project to life quickly and efficiently.

The benefits include:

We can help at different stages, depending on where you're at


We act as your problem-solving partners, diagnosing the issue and recommending action steps for success.

Creating & innovating

We guide you through the creative journey, igniting innovative ideas and turning them into tangible results.

Growing & optimising

we diagnose complex problems and deliver data-driven solutions that make a difference.

What we do